These are pictures from our vacation in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt, at the end of May until the beginning of June 2006.

The first category, Sharm El Sheik, contains pictures of the hotel, which was really very nice indeed, and around.

The second category, Diving, contains some pictures from two of our scuba diving tours, and a bunch of underwater pictures.

The third category, Marine Life, contains a lot of underwater pictures with a lot of marine life that can be seen in the Red Sea. Some of the pictures contain the name(s) of the marine life in German. All of the pictures in this category, as well as some of the pics in the first category (the ones named "magicLife...") and most of the pictures in the second category were taken by and appear here courtesy of Tamer "Tony" Kaplan and Zuzka. Thank you very much for the great pictures!